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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Paid Search

Content Marketing Weekly: Making the most of paid search and email marketing

As we gear up for the holidays and visions of sugar plums and well-deserved days off work dance in our heads, there's one important thing for marketers to keep in mind: SEO doesn't take a day off. So while readership may dip around the holiday season as users turn their attention to gift-giving and party-planning, now is also a good time to get things going for next year.

In that spirit, we've rounded up a few key updates and insights that can help inform your 2019 content marketing strategy, including a new look at paid search ads, and how to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

Attitudes toward paid search ads have been somewhat of a mixed bag since the feature emerged. While some marketers view paid ads as a valuable investment, others would rather devote resources toward organic search and the resulting leads.

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A new survey from SEO marketing firm Clutch shines a light on just how consumers feel about paid search ads, according to MarTechSeries. The majority of respondents – 75 percent – noted that paid ads simplify their process in finding the information they're searching for.

This means that it's more critical than ever that paid ads are targeted to specific sections of a business's audience, and provide relevant and useful information. When marketers are able to hit these targets, there's a much higher likelihood that users will click on the ads – in the Clutch survey, 33 percent noted that they follow a paid search link because it "directly responds to the information they are searching for," the most common reason for clicking overall.

Check out MarTechSeries to read more.
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Reporting on the same Clutch survey, MediaPost's SearchMaketingDaily contributor Laurie Sullivan noted that while top search engines like Google and Bing have been called out for not better differentiating between paid and organic search results in the past, survey results demonstrate that this has shifted recently.

Overall, 77 percent of respondents feel confident in their ability to identify pay-per-click ad results, meaning there's little mystery about organic versus paid results when it comes to layperson users. 

What's more, the survey found that paid ads were much more successful on Google versus Amazon, YouTube or Bing, with 63 percent of people reporting they were more likely to click on a paid ad on Google compared to other platforms.
The survey also showed interesting results when it comes to actual ad content. Just under half – 49 percent – of users said they were most likely to click on a text ad, compared to a shopping or product listing ad (31 percent) or a video ad (16 percent). In this way, marketers should focus on the actual written content of their ads, as this seems to resonate most with today's users.
Visit SearchMarketingDaily to read more about the survey insights.

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Now that 86 percent of B2B marketers leverage email campaigns as part of their strategy, it's important to understand the best practices that can take these investments as far as they'll go. After all, Snap reported that, when done correctly, email marketing can bring an impressive ROI of $44 for every $1 spent. In order to achieve this level of return, though, marketers have to put considerable thought into every aspect of their emails.

Thankfully, Constant Contact General Manager Jonathan Kateman provided a few pointers in an interview with Business.com's Chad Brooks. A few takeaways here include:

  • Trust the experts: Kateman recommends that businesses that are just getting going with their email marketing turn to an experienced email marketing provider for support, and not forge ahead without guidance.
  • Build your list: In addition to mining the company's own customer contacts to grow the email marketing list, marketers can also consider adding an online sign-up form on the site and encouraging social media followers to sign up to the mailing list.
  • Don't end at "send": Just as businesses track their website content and engagement, so too should they keep a close eye on their email reports. Using insights from previous campaigns' click-through and unsubscribe rates can help inform and improve the next campaign.

  • Poppin' into prospects' inboxes like: Online and email marketing
    Read Kateman's other tips and insights at Business.com.
    Taking things further, Axcess News contributor Melissa Thompson provides a few more tips and strategies to implement with upcoming email marketing campaigns:

  • Take a hard look at your subject line: The subject line is your first chance to grab readers' attention and encourage click-throughs. It should be succinct and interesting, and help your message stand out.
  • Sorry, who's this?: One thing that many marketers overlook with their campaigns is the sender's name. Surprisingly, some even leave this blank.

  • Don't do that.
    Taking the extra time to include a sender's name can make the email feel more personal for recipients. Even something like "Karen from BlahBlah Company" is better than nothing.

  • Tell them what they want to hear: In addition to personalizing the sender's name, the content itself should be tailored toward recipients' preferences. Marketers who leverage insights from their CRM and other sources have more success and garner more interest with their email campaigns.
  • Design is powerful: Finally, a small reminder: The written content of your campaigns is important, sure. But don't overlook the design element. Unfortunately, Thompson pointed out that this is an area that's often neglected. Even small changes to better align visuals with consumer preferences can go a long way.
  • Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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    Monday, January 8, 2018

    How To Get Traffic And Target Leads For Your Affiliate Programs?

    Marketing affiliate programs are one great way to earn some money online. Through affiliate marketing, you will be able to promote products of a partner. That you accomplish through the links to products provided to you by an affiliate. As the provider of the links to your product, in return you will be able to provide the affiliate marketer with a percentage of the profits for his/her work. 

    Additionally, apart from increasing sales, high quality traffic is important in higher search engine rankings of your site because of increased backlinks to your site.

    Apart from affiliate marketing being great for increasing sales of products, it is also great for increasing traffic to your site. That is in terms of email addresses that will have to be provided for one to be able to purchase your product. 
    The email addresses can then be later used for lead generation,target leads, for marketing purposes of your site. 

     II. Offer high value content

    Another great way to get traffic and target leads is through offering high value content, thought-provoking and actionable, on your site. 
    High value content tends to market your work as professional and it will also be shared multiple times and gets discussed and that can boost your search engine rankings. 

     III. Remain active on social media platforms

    Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are like search engines in a way. That is, they remain an influential source of getting traffic and target leads. 
    One way to achieve that is by limiting yourself to a few platforms, even the top 3 and focusing your energy on that. Additionally, you must post on a consistent basis and engage with your audience. 

     IV. Optimize your site’s links 

    There are various ways to optimize your site and one of them is optimizing your links, cloaking or shortening links, apart from optimizing content and images. Optimizing your site’s links helps in generating links that are more descriptive and helpful to both the visitors and the search engines. 

    With link cloaking or shortening, you are able to brand’ your links and also make them easy to remember and share on social media platforms. There are tools and plugins that can be installed and use for optimizing a site’s links for getting traffic and target lead for your affiliate programs. 

    Thursday, January 4, 2018

    3 innovations to support enrich Your email marketing in 2018

    it's a brand new year. And while there will certainly be new applied sciences and equipment that entrepreneurs can use to reach their target audience, a key to success in 2018 could be learning how to greater use current advertising strategies. e-mail advertising and marketing is one of the most advantageous forms of internet online affiliate marketing, but guaranteeing deliverability will also be a problem. here are three concepts business owners and marketers can use to enhance the effectiveness of their email advertising.

    The main problem of e mail advertising and marketing is ensuring that a specific e-mail is seen by using the goal audience. This ability having correct e-mail addresses, now not having messages blocked or flagged as unsolicited mail, and attempting to get a message dropped at the leading inbox for a subscriber. In a recent submit, the electronic mail verifier ZeroBounce provided counsel and information on getting an electronic mail advertising and marketing message delivered.

    Add reCAPTCHA On electronic mail Registration web page
    A persistent problem of any electronic mail advertising and marketing campaign is making certain the emails are coming from reputable sources. each time a company provides an incentive to signing up for an electronic mail list, there's an opportunity that somebody will use an automated bot to add a lot of email addresses. as an example, if an organization creates a drawing for e-mail subscribers, an individual with a bot can add thousands of entries to increase their chances to be the winner. An e mail subscriber listing this is crammed with unhealthy electronic mail addresses can lessen a domains rating for future campaigns, so efforts must be made to cut back the activity of bots.

    The foremost tactic for combating bots from filling out any form of kind is to make use of the most up-to-date CAPTCHA method. Many cyber web clients have encountered such alternate options when the consumer ought to establish whatever in a photograph. probably the most greatest options use Google reCAPTCHA alternatives, which do not involve the user doing anything, however uses an influence algorithm to examine if their contemporary pastime is consist with bot conduct.
    marketers might also ask, "Why does it depend if a bot fills out the kind provided that the e mail addresses are first rate?" The answer is that to verify if a site is sending direct mail that should be blocked or filtered, ISPs keep in mind if the area is sending loads of emails that are not being opened. So bots adding thousands of emails that may not be opened is unhealthy for the marketer.

    Use Double choose-In Verification for brand spanking new Subscribers
    akin to the item above, using double decide-in verification helps to make sure that all emails added to a listing are reputable and verified. When soliciting subscribers, a double decide-in system is the foremost protection towards fraudulent entries. seeing that the competencies subscriber has to click a hyperlink in an e-mail to made their subscription final, this components ensures the grownup has entry to the email they're adding and verifies their intent to subscribe.

    CAPTCHA isn't ideal and bots will get through at times, so a double choose-in system is sort of a final protection. it be not simply bots. typical users can from time to time put somebody else's email address into an electronic mail system, whether on intention or by using mistake. A double opt-in device handiest allows for americans who in fact want their e-mail to be on the checklist.

    A double choose-in system is additionally crucial for deliverability. with no gadget to assess the intent of latest subscribers, marketers may come to be sending messages to people who on no account desired them within the first vicinity. These people are likely to mark a message as spam as opposed to ignore it, and that's the reason the worst factor for electronic mail marketers. Getting too many messages marked as junk mail can get a domain blocked entirely from electronic mail servers.  

    Separate Out diverse e mail kinds and Use Separate Domains for every
    whereas the primary two assistance are pretty straight forward, this last approach might also take some additional work. Many groups send out email campaigns to distinctive kinds of patrons and for distinctive explanations. counting on the condition, it can be constructive to separate out the email types and use distinct domains for the a variety of categories. When companies send all of their communications from one area, it becomes extra probably that email filters will put everything from that area into the spam or promotional folder.

    as an instance, emails for valued clientele engaged in a transaction, equivalent to purchasing confirmations, receipts or client provider solutions can come from a different area than the one used to ship advertising crusade emails. This helps to make sure that essentially the most critical messages come to be within the primary inbox. It can also be frustrating if a consumer did not get their receipt because it went to the spam or promotions folder.

     As brought up before, this takes more time and energy than the other thoughts, however it's price the hassle. Even huge businesses like eBay, PayPal and psuse separate domains for his or her advertising and transactional e mail.
    To gain knowledge of greater, read this article on the factors that verify how ISPs rank domains and filter emails consequently.
    The opinions expressed right here through Inc.com columnists are their own, now not these of Inc.com.