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Using Email Marketing as a Profitable Sales Tool 
You’ve heard that using your email to sell products or services on the internet is the thing to do but you have no idea where to start.
So you’ve got your website up and now you’re ready to get some people reading it.Many all over the internet are utilizing affiliate marketing to either supplement an existing income or to create an income from home. Affiliate marketing is when you promote affiliate products and are paid when you make a sale.

Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider Affiliate Marketing.
Using email as a profitable sales tool doesn’t have to be complicated.
You need to connect with your audience no matter what tool you use. Email just allows you another way to do so. Some of the common reasons business owners don’t use email marketing is because they (1) fear it will take up too much time, (2) don’t feel they have enough expertise to write a ‘newsletter’ or (3) feel that marketing through email is ‘spamming’.
Let’s address each of these issues:
1. Too Much Time – This is a common issue that business owners face. They put off using email to make sales because they feel like it will take away from their other business activities and end up being a time drain.
Here’s the thing though: Your email marketing really doesn’t need to be a fancy, high graphic email Newsletter.
– You can offer quick weekly tips that take you 15 minutes each week to write.
– You can have a special offers list where you tell people what you have for sale.
– You can do a weekly article.
– You can give short, quick updates on your business.
– You can even set your email marketing on auto-pilot using autoresponders.
It’s your email list so you get to set the rules. Don’t let lack of time stop you! The amount of time you will save by having a responsive list to sell to will far outweigh the input of time in the beginning.
2. Not an Expert – Some people believe they need to be a ‘guru’ or an expert to write emails that people will want to read. This is so untrue!
Many people want to learn from someone like them. Someone who remembers what it’s like to struggle, to learn the hard way and someone who’s willing to give the step-by-step information they need to move along that path.
Business success is a gradual growth and no one expects you to be an expert overnight. If you’ve been in business for a while you have great information to share and there are people out there waiting to hang on your every word.
Just get going, be honest and people will love you.
3. Email Sales is Spamming – Yes we are overloaded with email and spam is a terrible issue. Does that mean you should concede to the spammers and not even try? NO WAY!
You can have an email list to sell to without selling like a spammer.
Provide great value, treat people the way you’d like to be treated, do good business and you have no worries about making people upset. The great thing about email marketing too is if you set your system up properly, when people want to leave your list, they can do so at the click of a button.
If you’re ready to start using your email marketing as a profitable sales tool, join me in my new training program that walks you step-by-step through the process of building your list, creating a freebie, and getting more sign-ups.
Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium! 

Tips for Generating Traffic to Your New WebsiteTip #1:  Write content that people are looking for and that is targeted to your website’s purpose. Fill your website with high-quality information that serves a purpose and provides high value at the same time. People come to the internet looking for information, entertainment or to find the answer to a problem – do any combination of these three things on a regular basis and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands.Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium! 

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By Here are four reasons that you might want to consider if you haven’t started affiliate marketing already.

1. No start up costs: Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start earning money on the internet because it costs you nothing to sign up and participate in various affiliate programs. You don’t have to worry about paying for products on a monthly basis and some affiliate programs don’t have a quota that you must reach to get paid on a monthly basis. There are even some affiliate programs that pay instantly.

2. A wide variety of products: What’s your passion? Is it health, network marketing, food, self improvement or maybe another area? There are so many different types of affiliate products that you can promote that will be in the same niche as what you are already doing.If you have a health and wellness blog, find affiliate programs that are centered around health and wellness products or if you have a website that shares recipes with your readers you can opt to use food and kitchen related affiliate programs.If you are a network or internet marketer you might want to look for products to promote that center around helping other marketers like autoresponders, PLR and information products.

3. You can greatly increase your income: Depending on what you’re promoting, how you promote it and if it meshes well with your niche you try to combine it with, you can create a nice income from home by using affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can be promoted alongside whatever else you are already doing.If you’re blogging already, you can use banner advertising or article marketing to promote products to your readers while still supplying them with quality content. When someone clicks on your link or banner and makes a purchase you earn. The more this happens the more your earnings are increased.

4. Affiliate marketers usually get a large chunk of the profits: It ‘s not uncommon to see affiliate marketing programs offering 30%, 50% or even 75% of their profits to their affiliates. Why in the world would they offer up so much of their profits? The answer is quite simple … traffic.  Affiliate marketers can bring in so much more traffic than the owner of the product and program can bring in by them-self .More people promoting make the amount of traffic and sales so much greater. In exchange, affiliate program owners are happy to pay an amount that is more than fair to ones who are bringing in sales.Alice Coaxum is a homeschooling mother of four, PLR writer and internet marketer. She is the owner of ShopForPLR.Com where you can find quality PLR articles, blog posts, emails and reports at affordable prices.

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Tip #2:  Decide with a clear set of goals what you want to use your website for. Will it be to draw traffic to a service? To make money through affiliate marketing? To sell your own products? Or all of the above?

Tip #3:  Get out there and let people know your website exists! I’m not going to cover the dozens and dozens of ways to get traffic here. You need to build a plan you can follow and one that works for you. Understand that just because you build a website that doesn’t mean people will automatically find it.
Here are a few ways to get your website found:
Website Directories- There are many paid and free directories available on the internet you can submit your website to.
Leave Comments on Blogs- Commenting on blogs brings you both traffic as well as incoming links if the blog has the no-follow attribute disabled.
Links from other sites- Links from popular websites is a good way to get both traffic and links as well.
Writing articles for other websites- By writing articles for popular websites you can build your reputation as an expert and increase traffic.
Link from your products- If you sell any physical or information products be sure to always make your website known on them.
Your Email Signature- You probably email a lot of people every single week. Get your website address at the bottom of those emails to get more people to your site.
Social Media Sites like Twitter and Facebook- Social media is all the rage these days and it can help you build relationships that translate into website exposure.
Partner Up With another High Profile Website Owner-  There are many ways you can partner with a website owner to create a mutually beneficial promotion. Just get creative!
Set your goals, stick to them and you’ll start to see your efforts pay off as you build a website that people love to come back to again and again.
Ready to get your own WordPress website and theme set up?  To help get you started join me as I teach you in this online video, webinar and email coaching program everything you need to know about .

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