Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: How to choose a good business blog design, what design will look best and most professional?

How to choose a good business blog design, what design will look best and most professional?

In this time and age, a strong online presence is an important factor for any successful
business as it allows the utilizing of the wide customer base presented. One of
the questions that any blogger would be faced with is how to have a blogdesign
that attracts targeted customers. Sometimes you may not have the technical
know-how and in such situations you can acquire the services of people with the
prerequisite skills to sort you out.

The good news for you is that there are a number of blogging applications like WordPress that
offer a number of themes. Most of the blogging applications are free and

It is also important to note that most of the times to achieve a visually stunning and
technically sound blog design, testing and refining may be needed with time. Below
are some of the ways to choose the best blogdesign for your business.

I. Use a business blog template
As I had already aforementioned, blogging applications like WordPress offer a variety of
template layouts for a number of uses including for business themes. The
business template layouts often make your blog appear like a professional and traditional
business website.

II. Make the design mobile-friendly
Indeed a number of online shoppers and other potential customers are increasingly using smartphones
and tablets to browse the internet. A
responsive design is recommended by Google. With this type of design, the fluid
layout is able to restyle itself based on the screen size.

III. Blog layout
There are 3 commonly used blog layouts in design with each layout option having its
advantages and disadvantages. These layouts are one-column, two-column and

The one-column layout doesn’t leave much room for the promotion of additional information,
except at the end of posts or throughout the content.

The two-column layout, having the main content and
sidebar layout, seems to be the most preferred for most business blogs. In the
sidebar you can include links to other top content on your website, social
profiles and other necessary information.

IV. Social sharing buttons
Our blogs and business websites are increasingly relying on the immense market base offered
by social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
among other social sites.

The design implemented in your business blog must be able to allow the use of social
sharing buttons to share your blog content. There is the option of using a
plugin such as a Shareaholic or adding the official sharing buttons from the
social media sites aforementioned.


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