Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: How to build and take care of a blog

How to build and take care of a blog

People make a lot of mistakes when they start or want to build a blog of their own.This comes with a lot of challenges considering they have no idea of what to do.Building a blog is one thing and taking care of the blog is another thing that people may find it difficult if they have no clue on how to go about it.In this article I will tell you on how to go about when you want to build and take care of your blog.First of all what is a blog? In my words I will describe a blog as some sort of website where content is delivered for the purposes of reading.The content may also be described as blog posts.

Suitable platform.
There are several blogging platforms online and before you start worrying about the look of your blog you should first of all be able to choose a suitable platform from where you will start your blog.There are many platforms from which you can set up your blog such as wordpress, blogger, tumblr and many more. Wordpress has over 72 million users and it is the obvious god father when it comes to a suitable platform. Wordpress has v many advantages, first of all it is free and everyone with access to the internet can use it, it is easy to use given its easy set up procedure, it is secure since the software it uses is always being updated.

Domain Name and Host.
To set up this all you will need is a domain name and a web host. A domain name is blog address which is personal.This is the name that people will use whenever they want to find your blog.A domain can be literally anything, you can pick your own name or you can decide to name it in accordance with what you will be expressing in your blog.A web host is literally the home of your web address, This is where all the content that you write can be hosted.

Design your blog.
In order to make your blog attractive you need to design it.This is a simple stage since one can easily do it himself or you can hire someone to do it for you. Design your blog it entails changing your blog's themes and layouts to that of your desire or to that you think will express your content to your satisfaction.

Writing blog posts.
Various platforms come with different ways on how you can write blog posts.In most cases a space specifically designed for typing is set to appear when you want to write your article.It contains features like those from Microsoft word though less.When writing your posts you can be able to add pictures or images you want to be seen on your blog.When writing posts you have to be very creative and articulate in order to pass your message to your desired audience.

Taking good care of your blog.
When you started thinking about creating a blog you obviously thought about the content that you will be delivering to people and how often you were to deliver that content.Well, that should be the spirit you posses after writing at least five articles.You should be consistent with your posts to keep your viewers always active, a comment box is necessary for readers to write what they think about your article and you should be quick to respond to them. Taking care of a blog is like taking care of a business, you should be creative with your posts.

A good blog should contain at least four social media tags where your readers can follow you and where you can share your posts.In order to have a consistent traffic on your blog be sure to always update its features.Make the page is user friendly.
Not only can you express your views on a blog you can also make living out of it through various means such as running ads.

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