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Products Marketplace. Great opportunities.

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ClickBank is the pioneer of affiliate marketing and working since 1998. ClickBank is part of the most profitable business group on the internet. ClickBank is a digital platform where you can find thousands of products to market, and earn money from them through commissions.
(1) How to succeed promoting ClickBank products on a blog 
To promote your affiliate link on your blog, you can do it in several ways.
Option # 1: With a promotional item
Write an article about the product on your own blog. Give details and positive review about your product. Describe the benefits of the product.
You can even look up information and testimonials on the Internet from other people who have already bought it, and add them to your article.
And of course, you should include a clear call to action button in the article with your affiliate link so your readers can buy the ClickBank product. 
Option # 2: With an advertisement

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Clickbank Marketing Tools -- Another way is to place an ad on one of the sidebars of your blog.

You only have to put an image related to the product, and your affiliate link in that image, so that when someone clicks on that photo, he will be redirected to the product page where he can buy it.

Option # 3: Via email

If you have a list of subscribers on your blog, send them an email informing about ClickBank product, and telling them what you think about it, what it is about, etc.

This technique is very similar to writing an article; only, in this case, the promotional channel would be via email, and not directly on your blog.

When you open your blog, make sure you also make an account on Twitter and Facebook to promote it. In these social networks, you can share not only the articles you publish every day but also your ClickBank product with your affiliate link.

Remember that you must keep your site up to date, and add new content (post new posts) from time to time. This will help you become an authority in your market and you will get more sales and more opportunities.

(2)How to install product marketplace for great commission opportunities.

CBPress is the best way to import entire ClickBank product marketplace in your blog.


- First, install and activate your CBpress plugin in your blog.

- In your dashboard, you will find all the options under CB proabs tab. 

- Click on ClickBank importer.

- Click on begin ClickBank feed import.

- After importing a message will pop up that says "complete"

- Now you can make a page "Marketplace" in your page menu.

Finally, you have installed the entire ClickBank product marketplace in your blog. It will import the entire marketplace in your blog.

- It will automatically synchronize with your blog theme.

- You choose which category you want to display.

- You will have complete control over the categorization, display, and appearance of products.

You can also setup marketplace according to your niche. If you blog about foods than you can display cooking books, kitchen tools, and other food-related products.

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