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Thursday, December 20, 2018

5 Social Media Marketing Tips from Experts to Prepare You for 2019

Organic Search Engine Marketing is a strategy for mentioning one or a plurality of various search items in a single data string directly to a search engine. 

Social media is an active channel for companies to build their brand, establish thought leadership, and interact with their community. Since we are a couple of weeks away from 2019, almost every marketer will be busy planning for their next year's social media strategy.

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In this article, we bring five social media marketing tips from MTA experts to help you prepare for the coming year.

1.Perform Content Analysis
Before coming to the strategic and tactical part of your social media plan, evaluate the performance of your content for the current year as this will allow you to set the tone for the next year.
Go through the analytics/insights section of your social media profiles to see the effectiveness of your content. Understand what type of content resonates with your different personas. While doing so, you will also come to know the ideal time and day to post different types of content.
Paul Herrera, Co-Founder and COO of Maven recommends the following 3-step framework:

  • Perform content analysis to understand the preference of your audience.
  • Find out the platforms where your ideal buyers spend their most time on.
  • Get inspired by your competitors by looking at what worked for them in the past. 

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    2.Set the Right Goals
    If you are running your marketing plans through guesswork, you are doing it wrong. Modern marketing is data-driven where you can virtually measure the impact of every single activity. Despite this, many marketers commit the dire mistake of not setting up any goals and measuring anything. In such cases, you'd find marketers saying, "Well, we stopped doing social media because it didn't work us."
    To avoid this, start by setting the right goals and metrics, choosing the right audience, and using it as a foundation to create your strategy.
    While addressing the social media mistakes to avoid, Neel Sinha, Founder, MyLnk, says, "To get success in social media, marketing strategy should have well-defined goals, the target audience must be identified, tactics to be employed should be implemented, the right amount of time should be invested, and proficient workforce should be employed to perform the tasks."
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    3.Embrace Omnichannel in 2019
    This leads to different communication strategies and messaging for different channels, in the end confusing the audience. To indeed ace customer engagement in 2019, marketers must approach marketing as a whole rather than siloing it.
    Jitesh Banga, Product Marketing Strategy, Adeptia says, "A smoother symbiosis between all social channels can help propel new horizons and innovation. Enterprises can set up a unified interaction center, counteract many scale issues, and swiftly deal with silos that prevent teams from boosting business loyalty and improving social engagement."
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    4.Prioritize Customer Experience
    In the early days, marketers used social media as a one-way communication channel but successfully evolved into using it as a platform to build and manage a community of their brand.
    Eric Meyerson, Head of Marketing, Sensai, emphasizes on the importance of listening to your audience. "Even if you don't spend a dime on sponsored posts or Facebook ads, it can still be useful to use Facebook or other social platforms as a listening tool to keep a finger on the pulse of public opinion. You might glean insights just from listening that can help you improve your customer experience – or head off the next public relations snafu," he adds.

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    5.AI Will Be the Game Changer
    AI and machine learning have already made giant strides through content curation, chatbots, email personalization, voice search, etc. to name a few. Since social media is a densely populated space, it doesn't take much time to turn a minor mess up into a major disaster. Thankfully, AI can be of a huge help by implementing the right damage control practices.

    Pritha Bose, Marketing Content Specialist, Aritic informs, "Brands can find themselves in a sudden nightmare if product hoax stories or product disasters or trolls from competitors make way into social media. Luckily, AI is on its way to curating conversation flows and content to manage such fiascos. Using various filtering systems, AI systems are capable of monitoring millions of user comments across a large range of platforms and predict an emergency long before it occurs in real-time."
    We hope these expert tips will guide you towards the right path in planning your social media activities for 2019.

    If you have any questions about social media marketing, feel free to drop them in the comments below!
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