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Monday, November 12, 2018


Is meditation too hard? 

Hey tell me if this sounds familiar. 

You're a fan of meditation. You believe it can help you, but you still don't do it consistently. 
Maybe you've had a streak of doing it for 2 weeks every day, but something comes up and you stop doing it for some reason. 

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What you're experiencing is called Meditation Resistance... which is as old as Buddha. 
Up until recently, the only way to overcome Meditation Resistance was to power through. 

To have enough will power. 
But there is a better way. 

My friend Greg Thurston has a powerful method to feed your mind with calm, focus, and clarity in a way that's fast and immediately enjoyable. 

This technique takes the effort and struggle out of the equation... 
So you completely avoid "Meditation Resistance", but still get all the stress reduction and brain transformation. 
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