Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: HOW TO GET YOUR LEADS/READERS TO BUY YOUR PRODUCTS

Friday, January 12, 2018


If you own a business, whether small or big, it’s definite that your major objective is to maximize profits. This can only be achieved by increasing the sales. One of the effective ways of increasing sales is by ensuring that you have a high success rate in converting leads into buyers.

Just before I proceed, let us first understand who a lead is. A Lead is a person (natural or artificial) who portrays some interest in the product a business is offering and who can either end up being a customer. This person can physically walk into your business to make inquiry or visit your website to find out the types of products you are offering.

Therefore, if you are running a business, and want to make profits, you have to know how to get your leads/readers buy a product from you. Wondering how? You don’t need to- it’s easy than you think. 

1    Be responsive
In this case, we will view responsiveness from two perspectives; offering exactly what they want and responding to them within the shortest time.
Before, you jump to make sales, ensure that you first pay attention to what the lead is saying. This will make them view you as a professional as well as help you understand the product that will best suit their needs.
Once you have identified a lead, ensure that you don’t keep them waiting. Keeping them waiting could lower their interest on your product and end up getting the product from your competitors.

2     Open up a conversation
Using a dialogue is a great way of understanding what the concerns of your leads are. This will not only help you understand what to offer to them but also help establish a relationship with you.

3    Build The conversation on trust
I bet you can only buy products from sellers whom you trust. When it comes to leads, the case is not different. Before they become your customer, they will first need to trust you. Therefore, ensure that the information you give about your product is true.

4   Follow-up
After you identify a lead, ensure that you keep them in the purchasing mode. This can be done through contacting them either by phone calls or even emails. This will influence them to finally make the purchase.

5   Service beyond self
       Ensure that you don’t portray making sales as your major objective. They won’t buy from you since they will think that your major focus is gaining from them. Show to them that you prioritize their satisfaction more than you prioritize making revenue.
Having understood the tips of converting leads to customers, let’s take a look at something also essential;


1    Understand their needs
This involves listening from the lead to understand what he/she wants. This will help you define the problem from the perspective.

2   Define the needs
After listening to the lead, you need to prove that a problem truly exists, and that you have the capacity to truly address the problem.

3    Evaluate options
Using your professional skills, evaluate the available options to identify the one that will address the problem raised by the lead.

4   Resolve the problem
This final stage simply involves overcoming the concerns or problems expressed by the lead.

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