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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Opportunities for marketers to succeed content marketing in 2018: In discussion with Grace Mistry

Ahead of the upcoming Content Marketing Summit, we spoke with Grace Mistry for an exclusive ahead of her session at the event. Grace shares her views on the top content and influencer marketing trends of 2018, discusses the upcoming shift of direct product endorsement to influencer curated content for brands and focuses on how machine learning has an important role to play in content marketing. Alongside working several years in the banking, wealth management and investment banking sector, Grace also loves cooking and dining out. She thinks Toronto has a great food scene and gets her guilty pleasure reading magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. 
Do you think content marketing will remain at the top of CMO agendas through 2018 and beyond?
Yes. Let's remember that content isn't just the stuff we write for SEO or cool videos or whitepapers.  Anything.
So, as long as there's a medium and a purpose there is a role for content.
What are the big departures from the past we will see in 2018 – specifically as far as influencer marketing is concerned?
Let's talk about where influencer marketing is going. As per the eMarketer article Nov. 30,  If the US millennial internet user survey by Roth Capital Partners found that nearly four in ten millennials think paid endorsements erode credibility and seventy-eight percent either had a negative view of celebrity endorsements, or were indifferent to the practice with regard to making a purchase, then there is no doubt that 2018 and beyond will feel the effects of that.  Exit celebrities.  Enter micro-influencers.
Bigger isn't always better. 
Far from Avocados includes Micro-influencers as one of the top content marketing trends of 2018.  They rightly point out the concept of influencer originally meant someone who had a sizable following on social media with whom they could reach or 'influence' vs. a celebrity in the traditional sense. 
The line has been blurred between influencer and celebrity and  We'll also see more audience engagement vs. reach as the micro-influencer will have more impact because people, albeit a smaller amount, have chosen to follow this person. We'll also see more authenticity and transparency. Brands can't hide behind influencers just like sponsored content isn't fooling anyone. Content will be curated by the influencer for brands to host vs. direct product endorsement.
What are the new skills marketers will need to ace interactive content marketing in 2018?
1. Have a digital roadmap that's part of your overarching marketing plan.
2. Map your content, social and media relations strategies.
3. Identify where interactive content can play a role in supporting your objectives and align the interactive marketing tactics to where in the buyer journey it can be most effective.
In a BMO Global Asset Management Marketing Canada B2B award-winning integrated marketing program to third-party investment advisors we incorporated interactive content as a component in the buyer journey (consideration phase) and found it positively contributed to those that converted. It was meant to be a 'light' interactive content experience amid a heavy-hitting email with embedded video, direct mail and client-facing handout plus microsite. The Content Marketing Institute's whitepaper on The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing revealed that marketers found 'light' interactive experiences (games, contests) almost as effective, if not more than intensive experiences (lookbooks, assessments).
So, if interactive content can support your strategy then test it to see the impact on the buyer journey and go from there.
Does AI and machine learning have a role to play in content marketing?
Sure it does.  If you're using a Data Management Platform (DMP) to create audience profiles from first and third party data on and off owned media properties and layer predictive analytics (machine learning) then it will help your communications (i.e. content) be highly relevant when re-targeting your audience.
What are your big expectations from the Content Marketing Summit?
To listen. To understand. To act.
I hope to hear some great stories and identify key nuggets that could be game changing, then think about how to apply the ideas to what we're doing and go from there.
I also hope to meet some great people. Thanks for having me.

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