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Saturday, December 9, 2017

GOP tax reform invoice axes own exemptions, elevating taxable earnings (Your letters)

To the Editor:

If I read one other time that the proposed tax reform legislations is going to double the standard deduction devoid of additionally recognizing the indisputable fact that it will dispose of the personal exemption, i am going to throw up. Rep. John Katko's defense of the proposed law and all the different seven letters to the editor (seasoned and con) posted in your Sunday November 26, 2017, version fail to respect this huge proposed trade.

Let me say this in all caps: THE PROPOSED TAX legislation WILL eliminate THE own EXEMPTION. this is a far-reaching change for both those that itemize their deductions and people who don't.

To take into account, seem to be on the 2d web page of your ultimate yr's federal tax return. There are two major items that in the reduction of your adjusted gross salary to attain your taxable earnings. the first is your deductions, the place you take either the common deduction or the itemized deduction. The second is the personal exemption, besides and inspite of which deduction category you chose. removing of the own exemption in the proposed law can also greatly raise your taxable revenue.

The own exemption is in accordance with the number of dependents you have got. if you're a household with three little ones and you file jointly, you've got 5 own exemptions. In 2016, if your adjusted gross earnings become under $311,300, you may take a private exemption of $four,050 for each and every based. So, for a family of 5 dependents that personal Exemption is value $20,250. The removing of this exemption is nowhere near what the doubling of the average deduction in the proposed law would imply to cutting back your taxable salary. Plus, it applies to all no matter if you're taking the standard deduction or itemize. Come on, is this helpful to most, or is it simply positive to those whose salary is far past what these deductions suggest?

For senior residents, like me, there are further issues. For individuals over sixty five, our regular deduction is not the $12,700 for joint filers that Katko shows, but is $15,one hundred. virtually doubling the standard deduction to $24,000 is not as beneficial to us. It doesn't double our regular deduction, plus when you add within the own exemption we have, it totals in regards to the equal. If the suggestion could be to double our senior residents general deduction to $30,200, that would be amazing, but as far as I understand it does not.

Plus, what does the proposed invoice do to the tax prices for passive earnings like capital features, dividends and hobby salary? for a lot of senior residents, these are crucial sources of revenue. How are these going to be treated within the proposed legislations? Does anyone, including Katko, know?

i need to grasp solutions to some of the issues/questions I actually have raised from Katko or others vote casting on this law. If i'm incorrect about the rest I actually have brought up, please suitable me so that i will keep in mind. This proposed legislations deeply considerations me and it's going to additionally deeply challenge all of you as taxpayers.

Joseph M. McMullenLiverpool

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