Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: Why Submitting Your Blog/Website is Important and How to Ping Your Blog

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why Submitting Your Blog/Website is Important and How to Ping Your Blog

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An easy way to boost your blog’s/website’s traffic is by letting search engines know that it exists. 

While many of them will eventually find your website/blog, you can help them by submitting to them your blog’s URL. But what do we mean by search engine submission? This is when blogs or websites are submitted directly to popular search engines so as to improve their rankings and promote them.

The reason why people do this is because they don’t want the search engines to find them organically. Since new websites or blogs want to be discovered faster, submitting them is one of the best SEO tools to use.

People also submit their blogs or websites if their webpage or part of their site has been updated. Submitting, therefore, help them get known quickly.

Methods of submitting a site to search engine

When it comes to submitting a website you can either submit the entire web or one page at a time. People generally submit the homepage of their website because the search engine can be able to crawl the whole site once they’ve been directed to the home page. For old sites, it’s not important to submit to search engines because the major ones have already used their crawlers, bots, and spiders to navigate and rank them accordingly.

How to ping your blog

Pinging your blog allows you to automatically notify search engines and blog directories that your blog has been updated. Whenever a blog pings, a number of things take place that gets your blog to be quickly indexed and bring additional traffic from other sources.

Ping your blog.When it comes to pinging your blog, there are a number of options that you can do. You need to:

· Click the name of your blog or click the drop down menu of the go to post list.

· Click the edit link and then select yes to allow the search engine to find your blog. Find click save the changes.

· Add tags to your blog

· Avoid putting your post in more than one category.

· Create a sitemap to allow the search engines to crawl your whole blog.

· Choose one of the ping services to send your blog to a number of ping bots.

While submitting or pinging your blog is the best thing to do, you need to allow the search engines to do their work. It’s not bad to submit to search engines but you should not spend a lot of time doing it. Depending on all the other SEO tools you’ve used, your blog will receive all the attention it needs.

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