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Friday, August 18, 2017

The Ultimate to Finding Images and Using the Correctly on Your Blog

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A good picture is worth a million words, and this the reason many bloggers use quality images to draw attention and convey information more efficiently. But, just how do you find a great image to complement your blog content? Read on to find out and discover how using images help your blog.

How to find photos for your blog.While you can take your pictures using, say, your iPhone, you can search for great images on search engines. While on it, use these simple tips.

Avoid being over-prescriptive with terms you are using to search. For, instance, it may actually be difficult to find the image for a 6-and-half-month-old white Russian horse with dark eyes.’

However, you should not use just a single search word because you will get several thousands of images. Searching for just horse,' for instance, may not give you the right image

Use a two or at most three-word search term. White Russian horse’ or Russian cross-bred horses’ will get you images closer to what you want.

Consider using site filters to narrow down the results and give you more relevant images

Here are some excellent online sources for top quality images;

1) Pixabay- You can find royalty free Creative Commons (CC) licensed pictures here. The site has a range of images in various categories and tags.

2) Photo Pin- This website uses Flickr API to find incredible CC licensed images. Many bloggers get photos for their articles here.

3) Stock.xchng-This site has a wide collection of images smartly tagged and categorized. Using a niche-specific search term here will get you what you want.

4) Unsplash- Releasing top 10 images in every ten days, this site is a great source for high-quality images.Other sources include New Old Stock, Pickup Image, Public Domain Pictures, among others.

How do I use images on my blog?First off, it is worth noting that you can be sued for using copyrighted images on your blog without permission. So before you use an image you obtained from online sources, be sure it is not protected. 

You need to be at least familiar with the copyright laws relating to websites.
Let us assume your image is clear. Here is a guide on how to effectively utilize it;

• Optimize the picture. The fact that the image will be indexed by search engines means you should optimize it well. Consider renaming the image using keywords. Also, use the ALT attribute to describe your image.

• Be sure to resize and compress the image correctly. You can use an application to get just the right size of the image for your blog. There are also free tools for compressing images

• Consider editing the image. Adding some text on top of the picture may make your photo stand out

• Add a cute caption. In fact, many people may not read the content but read the caption. That’s how important a caption is.

• Consistency is king. Using images regularly on your posts and articles will results in positive results.

How does using photos on my blog make it better for ranking?Like noted earlier, search engines will index your image. If you optimize the picture correctly, It will most definitely make your content pop up among those in the top pages when keywords are searched.

A high-quality image used properly will catch a reader’s eye making them want to read the content. This will results in more traffic on your website or blog. What’s more? Better ranking.

Regular use of attractive quality images alongside your articles and blog posts makes your site or blog stand out from similar blogs and sites. 
This results in better ranking.

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