Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: The technique of using articles to market and advertise websites and attract traffic to these sites has revolutionized online businesses.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

The technique of using articles to market and advertise websites and attract traffic to these sites has revolutionized online businesses.


CLICK TO READ.The technique of using articles to market and advertise websites and attract traffic to these sites has revolutionized online businesses. One of the best ways to promote your business website online is to write and submit articles to article directories. People primarily get online looking for information. If you start providing information that other people can find and benefit from, you will become an "expert". As an expert, people will trust your recommendations and they will buy products, services and opportunities that you recommend.

There are so many different ways to make money in this world. But obviously the Internet is the way of the future for, INFO HERE:business marketing. There are customers online daily sometimes more than once a day and they are buying products online that they used to buy in stores.

So how can you position yourself to cash in on millions of customers searching
for products.
There are 5 proven methods of marketing that you can use to promote and market your product or services online and I am going to show you 1 tip for each of them.

1. Advertising on a site using 
Pay Per Click is a method in which you can either bid on keywords or you can bid on site placements. There are also 2 options within these 2 methods. You can pay per impression or you can pay per click. Now I recommend that you always go with cost per click. You are just throwing your advertising budget down the drain otherwise.

Now you’re probably asking, How do I make an affective pay per click campaign? This is what you do. You will need to bid on the most specific keywords to what people will be searching for. And within the title of the campaign in bed these keywords it the ad. If your keywords are too general you will be wasting your money.

2. Social Sites
Social sites are a great way to make money online. You can market you product to a bunch of people. It’s a great way to really get inside someone’s warm market.  into trying to sell something to someone. First introduce yourself and find out what drives them. There are different kinds of people and they all have
different things that drive them to buy something. Some like facts others just
want to trust the person who they are buying the product from. Others want to
know that if they buy something it is going to a good cause. So get to know
what their interests and drives are.

3.Promoting with classified ads
Using tools like craigslist.com or the phone book or newspapers are gold mines for advertising. You just have toknow how to use these tools. You need to make your ads stick out. Say if you are advertising a hair loss product that makes peoples hair grows back. The ad might say something like Hey You Bald Guy.

Do you want your hair back?
Finally there is a product that will let you have your hair back for the holidays.see its catchy and almost rude so much that it catches the readers eye.

4. ezine articles
You can go on ezinearticles.com and post articles that about your product. Always include what it will do toimprove someone’s life. Tell a story and really make them feel as though it is a must to buy the product.

5. Blogging
Writing a blog is one of the most effective way to get people viewing your product. I literally got on the front page of Google in 2 days with a blog post I wrote. And you want to know how?

Byusing inserting keywords within your blog. Here is an example:

Surf Photographers in Hawaii

Everyone always asks me how I became a surf photographer in Hawaii when I grew up in South Lake Tahoe, CA skiing. They said how did you go from being a professional skier to being a surf photographer in hawaii. I explained
how I had always been very interested in photography and that I loved
looking at surf photos and surf magazines so I figured why not surf
photography. Surf Photographers get to hang out at the beach everyday.

Surf photographers get to be in the water with the best possible view of
the best surfers in the world. Surf photography is so much more fun
than being a wedding photographer because with surf photography you are
meeting amazing athletes and you get to capture them surfing and doing
amazing things. Sometimes they are risking there lives in huge waves and
you as the surf photographer get to take amazing photos of that.

OK guys so sorry to draw that out but did you see how many times I
mentioned surf and photography and photographers. If people were
searching for surf photographers in Hawaii chances are this article, read it here,
would pop up as one of the most relevant because of how many keywords
about surfing and photography it has inbedded in it.

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