Affiliate Business Opportunities and Marketing.: The Rise of New Content Formats and Features in 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Rise of New Content Formats and Features in 2017

The majority of people don’t have the time to read your entire blog post, 
especially if it’s not captivating. 
That’s why you want your blog post to stand out from the crowd. 

Give the People What They Want 

Do you want to read boring and irrelevant information when you’re looking for an answer? Of course not! 
When looking for an answer to a question, people want to enjoy reading your content. 
Give them advice that they won’t find elsewhere and try to put yourself in
their shoes. 

Become and Expert
Many times I’ll find a blog that addresses a question, only to find it take a 180 degree turn and go off on a tangent. 
If you’re looking to really drive traffic and get results, you need fresh high-quality content that your visitors WANT to read. 

Make sure to stick to the facts and add your own tips and guides as well. You want to become an expert on the topic you’re talking about and if that’s not possible you at least want to sound like an expert. 

Content is Still King
Google will love your blog if you’re always adding exciting and ENGAGING new content. Goggle recommends that a few posts a week is idea for keeping your blog up to date.

The more content you provide, the better! However, quality is still usually better 

quantity. Therefore, writing one amazing article is probably better than
writing 10 poorly written articles that your users don’t read. 

The average word count of the top blogs in 2017 is about 1200 words. You should strive to have this be the minimum amount of words and be sure to include nicely cropped images as well. 

Engage Your Audience 

The difficulty with many blogs is that they don’t engage their users well enough. 
Over the past few years, engagement has become the singly more valued trait in highly successful blogs. Producing engaging content is no easy task and for many is the biggest challenge. 
Like with all things in life, practice makes perfect. The more you blog and engage in the topics the more of an expert you’ll become and your readers will realize this and start to pay attention to you. 

Blogging is Cheap SEO 
If you want to increase your companies brand awareness, writing a blog post that appears on a big site will certainly do this. 
As you become a better blogger, more and more people will read what you write. Your links will appear on other websites and people will click those links and find themselves on your website. 

Your Readers Trust You
Blogs have become the most accurate source for trusted information. 
Do you think you’re going to learn about something by click on an ad? Of course not, they are looking to sell you something. 
Blogs are inherently more trustworthy because on the surface, they aren’t selling you anything. Therefore, people will tend to trust them more . 

Set Your Goals and Get Blogging
The new age of marketing via content formatting has arrived. If you want your blog to stand out from the crowd, you need to apply the latest techniques to succeed. With brand awareness, SEO, engaging content, consistent blogging, etc., you need to be on the top of your game and thoroughly research topics that you discuss. 

Become an expert on the topics that you discuss and your readers will thank you for it. 
Be like me, write your own articles and buy SEO articles whos written only for you.

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