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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Secrets of Getting Real Target Visitors Are Not Secrets Anymore

Blogging is easy.

But, getting floods of visitors on your website can be very time consuming. There are hundreds of new blog each day, so you cannot expect instant result in gaining traffic that leads to search engine result page (SERP). The first and the foremost thing that you should do is avoid black hat SEO methods. Though it sounds obvious, there are still lots of bloggers who don't realize that they have applied them. This is the real challenge that all bloggers should conquer to succeed in running their blogs.

There are actually 'secrets' of running blogs successfully, though they are actually revealed. Somehow, bloggers just take those 'secrets' for granted because they are too easy. They consider that gaining visitors take such complicated steps. So, have you done all of those 'secrets', below?:

#1 Update regularly
Again, bloggers don't think that this is the most crucial thing to do. Once they think that they have had enough with their blogs, they will stop writing contents. As a matter of fact, this is the worst mistake that any blogger will regret. By updating contents, the active blog automatically 'crawls' to the first pages.

#2 Flawless
While updating websites regularly is crucial, improving website's performance in terms of layout and contents are more than just the wisest thing to do. Imagine yourself as a reader, in which you would come back for more information on well-designed websites with high quality contents.

#3 Socialize for the Sake of Real visitors 
You know perfectly well that socializing is always required, whether on the 'real world' and your virtual world. Commenting on others' blogs remain as one of the most effective SEO methods. What you want others do to you, do similar things to them.

Never imagine that those simple ways are very effective, right? There is one more thing that you should understand that you will not get instant results for reaching the first page of Google. Even if you hire the most professional SEO agency. Organic SEO requires a strong will and consistency.

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