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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Implementing a Successful Affiliate Program for Your Business

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Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest ways to earn money on the internet. In the early days of Internet Marketing (like way back in the 90's) this was the king of internet traffic lead generation. Before SEO and SEM, banner advertising through affiliates was the bread and butter of internet lead generation.
The question now is, is affiliate marketing obsolete? Absolutely not. 

It was the first model created on the internet because it is based on the most effective form of promotion. Word-Of-Mouth advertising. Today, 30 years of mainstream internet use later, SEO and SEM is losing its appeal, even Facebook advertising is a kind of affiliate marketing program. Users are getting spammed with emails, pop-ups, sponsored search results, most internet users have learned how to avoid affiliate ads and are again returning to affiliate marketing.

What is important to keep in mind when you run an affiliate program?The basics. It was important then, it is important now. 

Attractive Incentives – Nothing attracts someone's attention than the words "Free" or "Sale". Those flag terms certainly attract more interest than a call to action terms such as "Join now" or "Sign up." People are more likely to click-through if they believe there is something in it for them.

Keep it Fresh – Nothing is more annoying to any target demographic than something repetitive. Facebook advertisement experts believe that once you run a particular advertisement in a few days up to a maximum of two weeks. The ads are considered "fatigued" at this point and regardless of how effective they were in the past. It needs to be changed.

Automatic is not Automatic – There are plenty of platforms that claims to run a fully automated affiliate marketing program for you. They certainly help to run a successful business, -more on that later. But it is not truly automatic. You have to keep an eye on your sales funnel. You have to see and figure out why people are clicking here and there but stopping at the landing page. You have to check why they are clicking on buy, but abandoning the checkout. Any successful affiliate marketing program requires non-stop intervention and analysis.

Content is King – This is the most basic part of any affiliate marketing program. All successful marketing campaign provide relevant information to the target market. It drives target leads to your website and a hot targeted demographic click-through is more likely to make a purchase than anyone else in the sales funnel.

How do you run a successful Affiliate Marketing Program?Apart from the tips given above, running an affiliate marketing program is tedious work. Finding the right platform with the highest payouts is an important piece of the puzzle. Things change in the affiliate marketing world and running a successful program means changing programs to adapt to the changing flow of time. Keep learning, watch videos on how things are being before and how new ideas are being implemented. Do not be a casual observer, get into the fray and don't be afraid to try things out. Successful affiliate marketers are experts because they kept on learning new things.

Running an affiliate marketing business or campaign for your product is a long and bumpy road. It is definitely worth it for people who are willing to invest the time in tweaking their campaigns non-stop. So update your content, keep it fresh, provide great incentives, and it is pretty much guaranteed you will have a successful affiliate marketing program.

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