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Thursday, August 17, 2017

How to succeed on YouTube with your video marketing and how to sell products

How to sell products on YouTube through your videos? What 
are the secrets?

YouTube is an amazing platform for self-promotion, PSA’s, cat videos, Ego-Media and a perfect way to market your products to a very wide and diverse audience. Your success is measured in the number of subscribers you will have to your branded channel as well as the volume of Likes’ and Shares’. The more people who see your videos, the more will come to your monetized portal and buy your products. 

After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world! 

How do I start?

Know what you are selling. If you want to succeed, have a brand, logo 
and product name ready to promote. Have your purchasing portal or web site
monetized so you can receive payments. You may need to partner with a payment processing service to accept credit cards unless you have a merchant
account. Otherwise, PayPal will be your only option.

Check out the competition. What are they doing well, or poorly? Make sure your pricing is in line or competitive enough. If you are a bit more expensive, you will have to explain why (better quality, longer lasting, etc).

Create a Channel – this will allow you to upload multiple videos related to your brand and keep your subscribers engaged and up to date. Set a schedule to publish videos on a regular basis, establish the topics and the content and,
use key words that trigger brand recognition for your products. 

As well, you can embed the videos as a series on your web site for people to view.What do I say?

You ultimately want to lead people to your site to purchase, so you have to provide teaser information like short tutorials or product demos. For instance, if you are a make-up artist, you can publish a video on how to get that smoky eye effect, with the option for the viewer to sign up for a web-based master class in advanced makeup techniques. 

Simply saying what you can do may not be engaging enough, show it as well. If you are not comfortable in front of the camera, hire someone who does it for a living. That face is the face of your brand, after all. 

Keep the format, look and feel and flow consistent. In time, your subscribers 
will become familiar with your style and expect that quality and flow each time. 

Don’t disappoint.

How does it make money?
To get the results you seek, your payment processing interface must be seamless and simple. You can offer a reward program for frequent customers or referrals (free products or graduated discounts). 

The clear advantage of YouTube as a marketing tool is as simple as a copy and pasted link. A link that can be shared with many people and can explain what you do consistently, professionally and visually. It is better than a PowerPoint presentation and a lot more engaging.

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