Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: How to get visitors from google and other search engine?

Friday, August 4, 2017

How to get visitors from google and other search engine?

Internet search engines like Bing and Google is the number one way to get traffic. Unlike visitors from other sources, you don't have to invest a lot of money to get site visitors from search engines. You can also avoid learning about website creation or HTML. If you wish to get free visitors from Google, there are several free tools that you can use.

Here are some ways to get relevant visitors from Google and Yahoo for free.
-Target long-tail phrases with articles.

Article marketing is an excellent source of free site visitors. You don't need to understand complicated search engine optimization techniques or maybe spending a lot of money on banner ads. The secret is by focusing on a long-tail key phrase.

You can use keyword research program like Market Samurai for this purpose. Market Samurai will obtain data from Google. This tool also enables you to analyze the competition for every keyword by looking at some backlinks along with other SEO factors such as domain age and title tag.

Once you decide the keyword to choose, compose an article and submit it to popular article sites. Don't forget to insert the keyword as the article title. You must also repeat the keyword a few times in the article description and meta keywords section. Once your content is published to these web sites, you will start getting new visitors every day from Yahoo, Google, and Bing.
- Upload high-quality videos to Youtube.

Youtube is one popular video sharing website. Google loves Youtube videos, and that's why relevant videos from this site sometimes appear in Google search results.

The trick is to aim for long-tail keywords, just like article marketing. Next, create an informative video using freeware like CamStudio. The video could contain tutorials, tips or perhaps product review. Then, upload the video to Youtube.
Don't forget to insert your keyword in the video title, description, and its tags. This can be done when you are uploading the video. Anytime people are searching for relevant information on the web; they will find your video and know more about you.

-Relevant Keywords: A website should have keywords relevant to its content and business so that it can rank on search engines. Keywords placed in appropriate places and with correct density can ensure that search engines associate your website with the relevant keywords. 

If you are selling Halloween costumes, then keywords related to Halloween should be placed in the title tags of all pages and the content. Search engine robots will glean information from your website and deduced that your site is about Halloween costumes and rank you accordingly.

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