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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Learn How to Manage Your Website And Help Drive Website

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Once your website is built, managing the site well is so important. I cannot stress this enough.. if you want your site to be successful, then you need to be very actively following the site's statistics and making sure to update your website.

There are a couple of reasons why its' a good idea to actively manage your website and get target traffic.

1. The obvious reason is Security. You need to know if someone has made a post with inappropriate material on your site. You need to know if someone has hacked your site and could be doing something to your content. These are obvious, but believe it or not, many people don't monitor that sites close enough to catch these things right away.

2. SEO. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated. Make sure to update you website frequently. It shows that the site is up-to-date and that the site owner cares about the type of content on their site.

3. Look at who is linking to you. Backlinks, one-way links from other sites, are a very important component of your SEO. You should be actively looking to see who is linking to you and then doing some research to try and figure out where they might have found your site at.

4. Track your data! I know that most of you don't like numbers, but knowing everything possible about your visitors can greatly benefit your SEO marketing and site content. I use Google Analytics to track my sites. Once you are set up with Analytics, I recommend you set up specific goals for your site.

5. Google Alerts is a great way to know what kind of content to add to your site. Set up Google Alerts about things relating to your site. Then read through and find out what people are saying about your industry, like what do they want to know, or what are they complaining about. Once you know that, writing a quick blog post or page can be a great way to attract people related to your site to your site. Managing a successful site takes work. Be patient and thorough.
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