Earn Money with Affiliate Programs and Business Opportunities Online: Who Is Responsible For The Demise Of Small Business?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Who Is Responsible For The Demise Of Small Business?

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The thing is more of us older and senior people still judge a store by the service they provide. If that is the case, how come we have allowed our friends and families with businesses to be taken over by large corporations? 

These friends, family, and neighbours were the ones who gave us service, they lived in our neighbourhoods, knew our names, and made sure we received excellent service. 
These real people didn't have cookie cutter scripted interaction with us, but genuinely interested in their customers. They appreciated our business enough not to annoy us at the end, you know with point cards or up-sells. 

Back in the day a shoes store was a shoe store, not a grocery, drug store, and hardware in one. It was about smaller specialty stores. The people in them knew their products better, so of course they were able to provide service. 
In the box stores if you're lucky to find someone, they can read the labels as well as you. 
The problem is we've become cheap, and still expect the same service for a pair of shoes that cost $20, as one that is $150. 

We can't have it all, made our bed and now need to sleep in it. Next time you walk into a box store start getting grumpy about service, lashing out at the one poor associate who makes minimum wage, who is overwhelmed, not trained properly, barely surviving back off. 

Obviously we had no concern that large businesses were starting to squeeze out small and medium size ones, and changing our tune from quality products to cheap inexpensive. 

We are not even supporting our own people, and demand service really! It's time to go back to basics, first people need to be fairly paid, bring back the small and medium size business concept, and have a better economy. 
Then we can move forward walk into a small neighbourhood business, able to support them, and in return like before obtaining the service we as customers deserve. 

You can create an ebook, special report, physical book, mp3, video or any combination of these products. There’s nothing to say that you can’t hire a Ghostwriter to do the writing and proof reading for you.

Though an affiliate program isn’t an absolute necessity, it’s a great idea to set it up from the start to really leverage your new product and create more sales.

The ways to promote your information product are pretty-much endless. Here are a few ideas to get started:
* Change your forum signatures to draw people to your new product.

When we bought something they took us to the cash, put it through themselves no waiting in lines, and sincerely thanked us for the business. 

If something was not on the shelf it was no big deal to go see if any were available in the back. Box stores expect us to come into their 5 football field size stores, find our own stuff, receive no service, pay and be happy their price was lower. 

At one time we lived in a democrat society, where a majority ruled, and our governments had no choice but to listen to what we wanted.
Free trade was great right, so many people lost jobs in the manufacturing industry, but getting bad quality shoes for $20 was real savings! 

No problem that unemployment is high, no real worthwhile job creation, the economy is in toilette, and the backbone of any countries economy has always been the small and medium size business. 
Instead we focus on the environment saving trees instead of people, and complain there is no service when walking into box store that purchase goods from other places. 

Once that is accomplished we can afford to pay for the quality, and the service will be there. The small and medium business even if they had the same products and pricing winning by who has better service! If you're looking for exceptional service perhaps the first place to demand it is from our Governments. 

Box stores herd us in like sheep, and most people can't afford to go somewhere else. The ones most responsible for the demise of small business is us the older and senior people who didn't care about the future!  

Of course you’ll need a place to sell your new product from. Though you don’t technically need a new domain for this it’s always a good idea to have a domain specific to the product because it looks more professional and can make it easier to find.

Having a graphical representation of your product really does make it look more professional. If you can’t afford to spend the money right away to get a great graphic done, don’t try to do one yourself unless you know what you are doing. It’s better to have no graphic at all then a poorly designed one.

* Make a special offer on a forum in your niche that allows such a thing.
* Make an announcement to you list that you have a new product available.
* Post about your product on your blog.
* Search out and contact people who are authorities in the topic your product addresses and ask them if they would be interested in becoming an affiliate.
* Do teleseminars or online conferences on your topic.
* Keep your affiliates motivated by providing them with resources on how to promote your products.
Creating your online presence is about establishing yourself as an expert in your niche. Releasing information products is a great way to offer up your knowledge and make money at the same time.
Here are some of the steps you’ll want to take in creating your first information product.
This product can be as long or as short as you like but just make sure it’s information that people are really in need of and it delivers high value to their lives or problem.
Have someone go through your finished product to proof read (or view/listen) it.
If you don’t have experience creating websites or writing content that makes sales, then this would be another great place to outsource these tasks to get it done.
There are so many strategies you can get into for finding great affiliates and I’ll have to leave that for another article. Getting a few key players helping you promote a new product can make a big impact on its release.
Decide on a commission to pay your affiliates. For my first product, which sold for $19.97, I decided to offer 50% commission to my affiliates. You’ll want to offer an attractive commission to your potential affiliates so they see it’s worth their time to promote your product.
* Add a short ad in your email signatures.
It’s important that you get out there and start making things happen, don’t just wait for your product to start selling like hotcakes because that likely won’t happen unless you are already well known for the information you put out there.
If you’re ready to get your website/salespage set up so it can start selling your information product to your target market and potential customers then join me as I teach you in my online video, webinar and email coaching program everything you need to know about creating great business websites. Get it here.

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