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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Small Business Leadership: Recommitment Solution

Small Business Leadership: Recommitment Solution 
How can an entrepreneur lose his entire team, save one and rebound to the pinnacle of achievement among his peers? Enduring the loss of an experienced team, finding jobs in other states for displaced employees to work, handling an emotionally distraught customer base - all while having no permanent office from August 2005 through June 2006. 
My team achieved the coveted Chairman's Circle honor from the company I represent for two consecutive years following Katrina's unwelcome visit. How can you come back from that and make Chairman's Circle in two years? That involved losing people, rebuilding, starting over, and moving 30 miles from our original office. Very responsibly, the insurance company I represent had made a decision to restrict the amount of homeowner's insurance we could offer. Essentially, they had said, "We talked to some weather forecasters and we believe that in the near future a Category 5 hurricane will hit and destroy New Orleans." At the time, all I could see was that they wanted to take my opportunity away. I thought they were making up this story about a Category 5 hurricane that would hit New Orleans. 
We hadn't had a big hurricane hit New Orleans since Betsy in 1965. I had begun slowly disengaging years before, but I reached my highest level of disengagement in 2004-a year before Katrina would attempt to drown our hopes and dreams. I was very bitter and thought I knew more than the company. I focused more on being a scratch golfer than on leading my team and being the example. If you can relate, don't stop reading now! Do you realize you already have read the solution? That solution is recommitment. Now is the time for you to consider not only reading about it, but it's time to start living the recommitment solution. I read my goals for Chairman's Circle several times every day. I had them taped to my credenza and thought about them all day, every day. I enrolled my team in an Agency Development Program (ADP). It helped us to reengage, identify the building blocks, and to focus on being there for others and making a difference in their lives. 

ADP was about growth, finding common ground, reassessment, and self-evaluation. I stumbled upon tandem appointments, which helped take us to the top. There were training benefits, multiline benefits, revenue benefits, and higher value benefits. I embraced Paper Days & People Days. My lunch hour was always intentional. Entrepreneurs and small-business people are the most important people in my city (yours too, in case you haven't thought about it). People look to you for leadership- economically and emotionally, whether it is verbalized or not. You are always being observed. Realize that others will model your behavior, especially if they perceive you as being in a position of power and influence. Therefore, be extremely protective of how you spend your time and who you spend it with. 

Live your life by appointment and schedule your appointments for your up- coming month first. Before all other appointments. Set appointments for yourself to be alone, to read, ponder and be. Why did I become reengaged? Because I felt needed again. It became about the customers and not about me. Please share your ideas about staying motivated, recommitting to your goals and becoming more successful. Remember, I am always available for a free virtual cup of coffee to discuss your business! I want you to be successful. Peace, Love and Gumbo.
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