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Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to Make Simple Videos For Much Needed Traffic

How to Make Simple Videos For Much Needed Traffic  

You only have to visit YouTube or other video websites to see the amazing number of clicks they have received in a relatively short length of time. With practice you will find appealing topics, like cute pets and children or very humorous situations that will send the videos viral. Simple videos are a great way to bring visitors to your website and if you redirect them via a link you can quickly increase your traffic. Here are two easy-ways to make simple videos with equipment you probably already have. 

I think the simplest way, still with quite a professional result, is by using Animoto.com. This website enables you to make short free videos. A good way to start and try them out, you can then upgrade if you wish. The videos you make can be for your personal use or your business. They can be of your pets, children, holiday snaps, or you may choose a hobby. 

The possibilities are endless. When using Animoto.com you only need your laptop, an internet connection and a few chosen photos. You then select a theme and you are provided with music and instructions to add captions. In a few minutes you have your finished video, your photos fading from one to another accompanied by a sound track all done for you. 

The video can be edited or up-loaded to Facebook, Twitter, your website and YouTube or other video websites. Imagine uploading to 10 sites each with 100 clicks that is 1000, in no-time, how many articles do you have to write to achieve that? Certainly worth the time spent! If they are your own pictures located on your website library they can also help with your SEO. 

The second method although allowing more freedom of choice, I found a bit more tricky, needing some practice to synchronize the sound and picture sequence. You can of course use your own photos, or download some from the internet photo websites. These you position on the track and run your narration or music alongside. You will probably find you have Windows Movie maker already installed on your laptop, or you can Google it. The instructions for using it are included. Videos add a further dimension to your website and make it more interesting.

 Also videos on Facebook and Twitter or Google+ will bring more visitors, and improve your page rankings. I find making videos fun to make too. You can of course search on YouTube for videos related to your niche and embed them into your website. There is a saying that "a picture is worth a 1000 words" and Google and social media sites love photos and videos. All this brings more traffic to your website.  

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