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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Creating Magnetic Headlines

Creating Magnetic Headlines  

The headline is the first thing your reader will see when he visits your page and if your headline fails to attract the reader's attention, it will be the last thing they read. Statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 people will read the rest. This is a key demonstration of how important it is to have a strong magnetic headline for your marketing content. 

So how can you ensure you have a strong headline that ensures success time after time? Well, through the use of this 4 step formula, you are guaranteed to write killer headlines that will attract your ideal prospect every time. 
Let's Begin Take A Look At This Example Headline Make $62,000 Or More A Year In This Part-Time No Investment - Necessary Business - Working Right From Your Armchair (Be "up and Running" in Just 48 hours) Bullet #1 Specificity Nothing can turn your prospect off faster than a vague, broad headline, it fails to capture the prospects imagination, which means the prospect is unlikely read the rest of the page. Here's specificity In Action "Make $62,000 Or More A Year" From this segment here, you know you can expect to make at least $62,000 Per Year. 

This is much more specific than just saying "5 figures" or "massive income"... this offers an exact number, so it becomes easier for the prospect to imagine. Bullet #2 Benefit When writing any piece of marketing content, you need to answer the question that's going through your prospect's mind. "what's in it for me?" Your prospect is unlikely to care about the features themselves, but more about what the features can do for them. So the surest way to let them know what it can do for them, is to tell them. Here's the Benefit in Action "Working Right From Your Armchair" 

This is beneficial to the prospect because not only can he make "$62,000" He can do it from the comfort of his own home. No more travelling to and from work... sounds beneficial to me. Bullet #3 Unique When writing your headlines, only discuss one thing (the big problem) not lots of different things, when you discuss several things you take the focus away from the main problem and makes all your benefits seem less effective. Because there is... "this and this and this and this." After a while, it can leave your prospect, more confused than excited, so always keep it to one big problem. 

Unique in action Being able to making $62,000, part-time from the comfort of your own home is a pretty unique opportunity. Bullet #4 Urgency Your headline must show some urgency, because this gives your prospect reason to get the thing you're offering now, rather than later. Urgency in action (Be up and running in just 48 hours) So by stating the fact they could be up and running and on their way to $62,000 income from home in just 48 hours... well why wait any longer? And there you have it, through use of these 4 step formula, you can create killer headlines guaranteed to hook your prospects attention. What you've learned is a powerful copywriting technique and by mastering this technique you will be leaps and bounds ahead of other marketers out there. 

Now in terms of headline length, don't worry about it. It's better to have a headline that is long and clearly displays what's on offer than to have a headline that is short, vague and confusing. And there you have it, you're geared up to do some serious damage in your marketplace. So if you really want give your add some pull to your headline and get your visitor to read your body copy, just remember the 4 step technique.  

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