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Thursday, May 25, 2017

3 Unusual Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Website!

3 Unusual Tips To Get More Traffic To Your Website!  

Taking a website from zero to a few hundred or even a few thousand visitors a month might not be easy - but it is doable. Earning your audience's attention is critical to generating traffic, but since the online world is an attention economy, you have to work very hard to take your website out from that obscure corner of the Internet it is sitting in. 

With thousands of competing companies trying to win over prospective customers, generating traffic is indeed a fierce battle. The game changes when you apply your creativity to your marketing efforts. But instead of conventional methods of driving more traffic to your own website, why not take on a more unusual approach? Read on find the 3 best unusual ways to drive more website traffic fast. 

1. Take Advantage of Expired Domains When yearly domain registration fees are not paid, the domain will be no longer taken and will appear as available to anyone who wants to register it. These "expired" domains might have once been popular websites that were bookmarked by users, and perhaps even linked to by other websites. But even if the domain expires, there is a good chance that those bookmarks and links might still exist. Registering "expired" domains will give you access to this residual traffic, which you can use to redirect visitors to your actual website. 

Plenty of websites offer lists of expired domains, and you can use online tools like Whois.net to see more information about them. The next step is determining the number of inbound links each domain name has by utilizing a popularity lookup tool. To estimate the number of unique visitors these websites receive per day, divide the inbound links by 20. For example, if one of the websites has 2000 inbound links, then you should expect 100 unique visitors each day (2000 / 20 = 100). Registering several "expired" domains instead of just one is recommended to ensure that your website will be getting more traffic than ever before. 

2. Submit Your Very Own Testimonials Customer testimonials add credibility to your website, but have you ever thought of having your own testimonial on others websites? As a business owner, you certainly use a lot of services and products, ranging from hosting services to webmaster services, newsletters, books, and more. If any of them have worked for you, why not write a wonderful, glowing testimonial, and ask the service provider or product manufacturer to publish it on their website? Nobody will resist a positive testimonial coming from an influential (or potentially influential) company. The secret to making this strategy work and driving as much traffic as possible to your website is asking them to publish your URL along with your testimonial. If they do not already have a testimonial page, consider giving them one as a gift. Copying the same layout and theme of his website will take a minute or two, and you can have your testimonial placed at the top of the page for increased exposure. 

3. Take Advantage of Blogging Communities With more and more people joining blogging communities, you can now have the excellent opportunity to take advantage of them to get more traffic to your own website. Bloggers is currently the biggest such communities, enabling participants to get the best kind of traffic since all of the other users are capable of linking directly to you. On top of getting traffic to your own website from other bloggers, you will also end up getting traffic from the visitors who will also link to you. When joining a blogging community, don't forget that interaction is the key to exposure. Find other bloggers in your niche, and comment and vote on their profiles. Most of the time they will return the favour, and you will end up getting a lot of exposure. 

Final Thoughts Don't forget that getting thousands of people to visit your website will not happen overnight. You will probably have to wait several months before the methods above will start working for you, which is why you must be patient and keep working on your content and social media marketing strategies to maximize traffic potential.  

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